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Hi, I’m Charlotte from Denmark.
Mt. Roskill Grammar School is a school with possibilities;  in subjects, in friends and in life. I have never been to a school with so many different subjects; Calculus, Music, Media, French, Food and Hospitality, just to mention a few. You can easily find five subjects that match you. The students and the teachers are all very friendly, and with students from more than 65 nations it is possible to befriend so many different and exciting people.

I have learned so many things since attending Mt. Roskill Grammar school in July. Despite learning in class I have learned a lot about different cultures and how it is possible to live between cultures. MRGS is an exciting school with all the nationalities and all the students. With around 2400 students you can meet new people every day. I never thought I would be friends with people from so many different countries, but I am and I love every one of them. I cannot imagine attending any other school, and I will enjoyed each and every day.

Charlotte Guglielmetti, 2013

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