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Student - Kantaro Suzuki

Hi, I`m Kantaro from Japan. I studied at MRGS for a year. I think MRGS is really good school for you. I thought everyone is kind and helpful.

There are students and teachers from many nations so you can touch the many nations of people and cultures. It is very exciting thing.

This school system is different from a Japanese high school, kind of a Japanese Uni. You can choose the classes that you want to take. 

I have learned and experienced many things in NZ. I learned in class about different cultures that was very fresh for me.

I played tennis at the tennis club, school club and I joined school’s 1st XI soccer team. That was good for me. I got a lot of friends by doing that. My life became more fun because of that and I was able to make an environment to use English.

My NZ life was really great! It has been a great experience. I like MRGS.

You will spend awesome time over there.

Kantaro Suzuki,
20 March 2013

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