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Student - Jay

Hello, my name is Jay Huang; my Chinese name is Huang Kuang- Yi. I am from Taiwan. In my opinion Mt Roskill Grammar School is an excellent choice for all types of students. It has a variety of different types of musical, sports and academic opportunities. It has a lot of good and fun school trips and off-campus teaching too. I quite like this place. I have two brothers that came here too and they made many friends and enjoyed here too. This school introduces us international students the highlights of New Zealand and the good things about it. The teachers here are great, they offer us all sorts of help and try to make us feel more comfortable, safe and more enjoyable at school. Even the other students are nice and helpful too. My English has improved a lot faster in Mt Roskill Grammar School. I feel included all the time and I also made a lot of new friends even though I have just been in this school for around 3 months.

你好,我的名字是Jay Huang,我的中文名字是黃光毅。我來自台灣。在我看來Mt Roskill Grammar School對各類型學生來說是一個很好的選擇。它有多種不同類型的學習課程如音樂,體育,學術教育等等。它也常會有許多關於紐西蘭的校外教學。在Mt Roskill Grammar School,我的英語有了更大的進步。我很喜歡這個地方。我有兩個哥哥也來過這裡,他們也交了很多朋友也很喜歡這裡。這所學校向我們國際學生介紹了新西蘭的主要和良好事情。這裡的老師善良,他們為我們提供各種幫助,並試圖使我們感到更加舒適,安全,更愉快的學校。即使其他同學也很不錯,樂於助人。我也交了許多新的朋友,即使我才呆在這所學校3個月左右。

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