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Student - Flora

I arrived at MRGS at May 2013 as a year 12 student and MRGS gives me many happy memories. Opened campus, friendly environment and humanistic education, these characteristics have taught me the true value of education according to the student`s abilities and needs. When I first came to New Zealand, I couldn`t communicate with other students in English. The ESOL course from MRGS helps me to improve my English and build my confidence to communicate with others. I came to MRGS when it was the second term of year 12. With the understanding of NCEA credit based system, I was fearful that I couldn`t gain sufficient credits to get into the local universities. However, the teachers always encourage me “don`t be nervous, try your best and do it yourself”. After half year of hard working, I have finally gained enough credits and also exceeded what is required from me. Therefore, I believe, as long as you work hard, make an effort and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

来到MRGS只有短短的一年时间,但是MRGS给了我许多美好的回忆。开放式的校园,人性化的教育,让我懂得了什么是因材施教。刚到新西兰的时候,我不敢与别人用英文交流,是MRGS让我消除了对陌生环境的恐惧感,学校的针对性的语言课程让我更快的适应了这个用英文交流的国度。进入MRGS的时间是Y12的第二个term,那个时候才算真正了解国外的学分制度,当时害怕自己无法修够学分而影响上大学,老师就劝我“别紧张,努力就好,do by yourself”。经过半年的努力,不仅达到了应有的学分标准,还超额完成了。只要肯努力,相信自己一定能做到!

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