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Student - Eric

My name is Eric. I come from Hubei, China. I am currently a year 11 student at Mt Roskill Grammar School (MRGS). I arrived in Auckland in July of 2013 and started school at MRGS. At the time of arrival, my English wasn’t too good but the school had ESOL classes. After half a year of language studying, my English improved a lot. From January 2014 I successfully entered into the mainstream classes.
I really love New Zealand because it has the beautiful environment and pure air. I also enjoy my student life at MRGS. The school provides a wide range of interesting courses for us. For year 11 students there is one to one monitoring programme from the teachers to help us achieve our expected results. MRGS is a multicultural school. I can make friends with students from different countries across the world. The school also has many extracurricular activity groups including: music, soccer, basketball, table tennis etc. to enrich our life outside of the classroom.
After I graduate from high school, my dream is to study computer science at a New Zealand university.

我叫Eric 我来自中国湖北。我现在是 Mt Roskill Grammar School (MRGS) 11年级学生。我于2013 7月来到奥克兰并入读 MRGS. 刚来时我的英文不太好。但学校为国际学生开设了英文补习班。经过半年的语言学习,我的英文有了较大的提高。 2014 1月我顺利进入了主流课程的学习。

我热爱新西兰。这里有优美的环境和纯净的空气 。我也非常喜欢在 MRGS 的学习生活。学校不仅提供了范围广泛且有趣的选修课程,还特别为11年级的学生设置了一对一的导师制以确保每位学生的学习都能达到预期的效果。MRGS 是一所拥有多元文化的学校。在这里我可以结交来自不同国家的朋友。学校还有包括音乐,足球,篮球,乒乓球各种课外文体活动团体,极大地丰富了同学们的课余生活。



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